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More Blessings


well, I was going to write this "Why We don’t Celebrate Halloween" post and even had gathered information, thanks to you all who sent me stuff I was looking for, and I might still do it… but I was up most of the night due to various body complaints, and ended up praying… and you end up with blessings pressed own and spilling over…

and a few of them to share…

in the move, we discovered an electronic organizer that had belonged to my Dad… and I gave it to both Emily and Hannah (at separate times, ooops my bad) a few days ago, Hannah ended up with it when we purchased the batteries to resuscitate it… we had a few struggles getting it going, and she was given the choice to erase the memory in hopes of making it work, and she chose not too…we did eventually get it going (finding an old manual online and adjusting the contrast and tweaking other settings) and found all of our birthdays that my Dad had entered in, and his appointments from 2003, the last healthy year of his life. I saw glimpses of his thinking of me, of the grandchildren… I was fairly self-absorbed that year, not thinking of my Dad all that much, but he was thinking of me and that which concerned me, and that does have …hmmmmm, let’s see, some obvious spiritual implications.

I was driving down Memorial Ave the other day there is a stretch where there are no buildings, rather empty lots framed by chain link fence. I see a car has made a right turn onto the sidewalk, parked across the sidewalk. I see a young woman, hands pushed down into her jacket pockets, waking with purpose in my direction. Behind her, popping out of the driver’s side, a young man comes around the front of  the car, he is fast walking, calling after her, hands and arms up by his shoulders, he breaks into a run… I, myself, have gotten out of cars on busy streets… and so I could see the scene and know he has somehow blown it and he is not quite sure how, and I admired him for the gesture of parking abruptly, not waiting for a parking lot, doing what was necessary… and I hoped that she would relent and at least listen to him.

and this morning, a precious email exchange with Tammy…

and now I do have to finish the buttons for  the Children’s Centre, and a few other projects in the works…

5 Responses to “More Blessings”

  1. angie

    I woke up this morning (da-nah-nah-nah) had you on my mind (da-na-na-na). . .

    sorry, couldn’t help but channel some of last night’s “office” episode as I started typing & thinking. I seriously thought of you this morning when I awoke, realized it was Halloween, and felt dread.

    I am definitely interested in what you’re going to write about today. . .even if it’s next week. If memory serves, you have a busy weekend in front of you. . .

    Which brings me to my typical sign off of: “I love you — I am praying for you (more than ever) and I’m so grateful that God brought you to my life!”

    Smooches all around!!!

  2. Tammy

    That is so neat about your Dad!

  3. Melinda

    I am going to be home alone tonight, but I might shoot over to a Bible Study at church since I don’t have candy and I don’t want to have to hide from trick-or-treaters. :) I just signed up for two more half-marathons, so I’ve got to get running again. Talk to you later and praying without ceasing. Love you.

  4. Desley

    Melinda, you give the term “I gotta run” to a whole new level. Wow…I admire you.

    You peaked my interest, Beth. I’ll be checking in to see if you post soon.
    oh…and the street scene…too familiar. I’ve seen that scene on many occasions. I just can’t quite put my finger on where.

  5. Lorraine

    The story about your Dad and the organizer reminds me of a very similar story. My mom’s dad died when I was in grade 2, and a few summers ago my grandma found this old little tape recorder. No one could get it to work and they were going to throw it out. I was determined however adn I got it to work, find a sermon my grandma had taped…along with my grandpa talking. He had had a stroke and it was hard to understand but it meant a lot just to hear him. God made him real to me one more time.

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