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Willy Willy Big **


Idol Gives Back gave us lots to think about… of course I am not dense or small minded to think that things are peachy keen in this world… but film clip after film clip getting to know some specific personal tragedies of children and families in the US and in Africa had me crying for much of the evening… not that “oh this is a sad story and I am touched” kind of crying, rather a deep grieving… and this morning, I am thinking of the family of four boys in Africa with no mother or father, living in a hut, having to walk a day to medical care… and thinking about children in the Appalachians happy to receive a book and mothers dreaming of their children being able to make it out of those hollows…

Layout time… this one is from the wedding of friends of Becky’s… when i saw the photo I was struck by how in love the cake topper couple seemed… (If you click to enlarge you can read the song lyrics there)

credits: angela barton: flex feature photo thing, anna benjamin: damask papers, preppy in pink, vintage lace alpha, g miller, embroidered circle

and a freebie for you … a quick page… made with Anna Benjamin’s Sugar Sugar kit and perfect for use with the Vintage Lace Alpha for sale here

click on image to download, or do the “right-click, save target as” dealio…� and be sure to post anything you make with it and comment here so we can see and give you some love… you can see what I made with it here

and my favorite Idol performance from last night… yes Katherine is correct… Shout to Lord …. they changed the lyrics of the line… My Jesus, My Saviour… to My Shepherd, My Saviour… or something like that…. but come on… who else are they singing to? “Mountains will bow and the Seas will roar at the sound of your name?” AND “My Comfort, My Shelter, Tower of refuge and strength?” I don’t know any other religion save the Judeo- Christian tradition claiming this….

which is the perfect segue into a short thought on the God we worship… reading from The Sacred Romance by the late Brent Curtis and John Eldredge…� the authors point out that many of us have this notion of God ..

that is similar to being neighbours with a mobster… to those outside of the neighbourhood, the mobster may seem fearful and somewhat sinister. But if you are his immediate neighbour and treat him with deference and respect he may get you a good deal on aluminium siding or a new car. Or he might have a bag of dead cats deposited on the doorstep of the man down the street who you casually mention was allowing his dog to dig in your flower beds…

and what I have discovered is that God loves us too much to let rest comfortably in this false image of Him… He will make himself known…

** What Melinda used to answer so long ago, when asked how big God was….

17 Responses to “Willy Willy Big **”

  1. Andrea*

    What a touching entry, and I agree…. who else could they be singing to? The Rocks will cry out to Him if we don’t…..

    Nice LO!

  2. AngFab

    Thanks for the clip! I get tears whenever I hear that song – it’s a favorite of mine at church. Not sure the reason for the edit in the song, but glad they chose this song, it was perfectly fitting! Thanks for the fab freebie! Love your LO too – tfs!

  3. Scrappy Cats

    What a great start to my day to hear this song – love it.

  4. Heather

    Hey Beth! First, thank you so much for your comment this morning, I needed it.

    Second, Idol gives back always affects me. Seeing people hurting like that. And I don’t know why but zeroing in on the people in the US, it’s so hard to fathom, people living like that. I think it’s me and my sheltered world. But it really opens my eyes.

    And I LOVED them singing that song last night. I was in complete and total shock when it came on, and I had to call my mom, I was like, they’re singing this. They are singing this on AI! I mean, usually they might sing a song that skirts around it, but there is no mistaking what that song is about. I was so happy. Then right after that Ben Stiller comes out with his bleeps, that was kind of tacky after that beautiful song.

    It just brought tears to my eyes watching it again. Thank you!

  5. Carjazi

    Yes, I agree with you on the deep feelings of grief in watching the Idol Gives Back film clips, but also a deep feeling of gratitude for what I have. Hopefully those who feel the grief & gratitude will be able to make a difference in the world.

  6. Jaime

    I keep reading about Idol Gives Back on everyone’s blogs this morning and I’m sad that I missed out. I hadn’t heard of it before this morning, but again I don’t watch much tv and what I do watch I record and forward through all the commercials so really it is no wonder I miss everything, lol! :)

    Oh, and a Movie Tavern is a movie theater that serves food and drinks (like a restaurant) while you enjoy you movie at the same time. It’s wonderful!

  7. Char @ DigiScrapChat

    Wow, I canNOT believe they sang that song on AI! I’m so sorry I missed it. Thanks for sharing the clip!! It’s one of my most favorite worship songs.

  8. Melinda

    AMAZING…so awesome!!

  9. Tammy

    I was shocked when that song came on!! Our liberal entertainment has completely forgotten whats important. I love that song and would love to see it on television more!! Thanks for the clips and the wonderful words you have on your blog. I come often to just read.

  10. Jane

    Beautiful page – the cake looks fabulous!

    Have you finished with Phil Rickman yet?? lol

  11. Margie

    I too watched Idol and spent the greater share of the evening crying… Thanks for the freebie.

  12. AfriDigiDiva

    That’s a beautiful caketopper. My sister used one similar for her African-themed wedding. I’ve always liked those.

  13. Eve

    Great LO! Thanks for the freebie and the clip! :)

  14. Ann (mamachef)

    I’m still in shock that they sang that last night! They’ve been talking about it on our Christian radio station today! I LOVE IT!!!!!! They may have changed that one line but they still kept “Shout to the Lord” line in there…NO mistaking the true meaning there! Not to me anyway!

  15. valj

    I too was sooo pleasantly surprised when I heard them singing this song on AI.I had missed the show and turned the TV on just as they were singing the song. Thank you so much for letting me see it again.:) We sheep know who our Shepherd is.!!:)
    Thank you also for the beautiful QP.Love it!

  16. angie

    I don’t watch AI — and flipped past it quickly last night. (Silly me!)

    But, I love when these kinds of things happen. god has his (subtle) ways of letting the world know that He loves them. . .and that He’s there for them, if they just run to Him.

    Wonder if Mr. Cowell was humming along, hmmmmmm?

  17. Tammy

    I was so impressed when they sang “Shout to the Lord”…even though some words were changed. What a perfect song to end that night.

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