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This post title comes from one of the layouts I did this weekend for Amazing Digi-Scrapping Race. I was to choose my favorite film (impossible) and write how it impacts me.I chose About a Boy. As I wrote on the layout, we first saw this film when we were learning as a family that God had given us some pretty powerful back-up in each other… and God  surrounded us with some strong support. We re-watched the film last night… still funny, still touching, still reminds us that connection and people are good things to have in our lives… that families are sometimes peculiarly made, and not as we first envisioned, but I am so grateful to all of you in our lives, you keep us strong… you are the best back-up ever….

credits here
again click image to enlarge so you can read the journaling

and my final ASDR layout, a lift of one of my partner’s layouts and about ASDR itself…

credits here

I am using in both of these layouts some goodies from my new friend, Dianne Rooney… she has excellent designs, check out her shop.

Katherine really summed up the trip to Moorhead the best in her blog, and we have the most amazing photos from this trip, a final layout from two favorites of mine.

credits here… (this layout features the new bookbinder papers from Paper Moons) enlarge the layout so you can see the journaling and the photos

God arranged for us to be on the trip with her… we originally were not going to go, and right near our departure, thins were starting to point towards not going, and the arrangements of lodging and food and etc etc were beginning to overwhelm,  and I asked God in prayer to show me clearly “should we go or not?” and that night in my reading he said,  ”[I] chart the path ahead of [you] and tell [you] where to stop and rest. Every moment [I] know where [you are].” psalm 139…

Every step of the trip was taken care of… something strong was built, dreams were born… I serve (not well enough) a mighty and loving God.

And Mary is growing up… I saw it in watching her in this environment… I am so proud of her, and we miss her dreadfully, it was a smashing summer.

Today we are beginning to get ready for school next week, and I am writing, and looking at in progress projects, and planning for the Autumn holidays, yumm…  

14 Responses to “Back-UP”

  1. Tammy

    I love the layouts…..especially the one of Mary and her Grandma! So great that God lead the way for you to all go to bring Mary back to school. I love Psalm 139. It is one of my favourites. On Wed morning Morley and Nikolas leave to take Nik back to school. I relate to your words of missing Mary dreadfully. Hope you have a great day!

  2. CraftTeaLady

    What a touching LO that you made Beth! That is what scrappin’ is all about, saving those memories – you did it well.~G

  3. Dawn

    I love your layouts! I too liked that movie. Awww, I do know what it is like to be away from your daughter! And guess what? Their plane is in the air and they are winging their way home to the states! With a stop along the way of course. Have a great day!

  4. Laurel

    Wow you have been very busy. I haven’t seen the movie but love the way you layed it out. Clean. They are all good but the one of Mary and her Grandma is priceless! Lisa is on her way home as I write this.

  5. Heather

    Gorgeous layouts!

    I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ll have to check it out, it sounds wonderful.

    And, thank you for your prayers for my nephew Carter. They mean so much to us! (((hugs)))

  6. Mary

    WONDERFULLY DONE on all the layouts and I love that movie About A Boy ;)

  7. Diane

    Thanks, Beth. Not only for a mention but actually more than that, for sharing your faith – your experience… I need encouragement in that area.. will explain one day.. and it seems God is putting people in my path who are just so encouraging… good, walk the walk, talk the talk faithful people. *hugs*

  8. Lynn G

    Your layouts are wonderful – and I know what you mean about that movie.

  9. Angie

    Hey girlie—I am back, with a vengeance. You’ll have to read the blog to get the whole enchilada. Yummmm….

    Just had a “Bethie” omelet at IHOP. . . fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, onions, hollandaise, and fresh tomato. Just sounded like you. The whole-grain pancakes were pretty (dry) good, too.

    : )

  10. Yen

    Hi Beth! Thanks for dropping by:) Love your layouts!!! TFS:)

  11. angie

    By the way. . . I guess we’ll just talk to each other through our blogs, okay?

    Anywhooo. . . tonight, while awaiting her “whoosh whoosh” (hair-drying/teethbrushing event) with Daddy, Caroline was sitting on my lap as I read your blog.

    Of course, she wanted to see “babies.” I scrolled down to the LO of her and the quilt. She didn’t recognize herself, until I pointed it out. But, the girl went NUTSO over the LO of the girls swimming, and the one of Hannah running.

    She just kept saying, “More babies. Splash. More babies.”

    . . thought you would, too.

  12. Gabi Butcher

    Hi Beth!

    I don’t remember posting here before, but I always visit your blog. Really like it!
    Loved your LO’s specially the one with your daughter and her Grandma! Powerful!
    I just loved the movie ‘About a Boy’, but first I read Nick Hornby’s book. I know he is pop, but I simply LOVE his tales and the way he relates to his readers.
    Have you read any of his books?
    Great work!


  13. Victoria

    WOW! Your layouts are all exceptional! I love the line about scrapping outside the lines! The movie layout is amazing, too! The one with Mary and Grandma is so touching! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  14. Mary

    oh i love and miss you guys!

    i do love the layout…. is there anyway i can get more of the pictures from the trip? i’d just like to look at them.

    well, anyhoo, love you!

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