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House/ Computer Cleaning


When you last heard from me I was signing off to do some house cleaning. We do keep a pretty clean house (so my husband tells me) but since we got back from Miami… well, between unpacking our things and moving things around to settle Mary in….hmmm it has gotten out of hand. so we got it back in hand yesterday afternoon. These four girls are amazing. There was a little resistance, but they worked so hard and we soon had it accomplished. (of course this morning when I went in to wake Katherine her room was out of hand again. It is a skill, she says, that has taken her years to master.)

A clean house is a happy house and is certainly a happy Beth.

Today, I continued my computer cleaning project. I have so many junk files and so many digital freebies that I will never use. So I am patiently going through and deleting files as well as “tagging” each digital image that I keep. This entails assigning each image to a category or several categories (like digital bows, ribbons, Tony, kids together, “teen style”, birthday card idea and many more). THe photos themselvescan be stored anywhere on the computer. (although I do have a nifty sytem for that also) I do all of this in a super organizing and viewing program, ACDSee. Now when I want to do a scrapbook layout about Bethany and Katherine. I simply click on the categories “Bethany” and “Katherine”. BAM! Pops ups all photos that include both girls. Then let’s say that I want to use a “girly” theme …so I click on the categories hmmmm, maybe pink, or feminine, or maybe both.  Double BAM! I now have in front of me all the digital elements stored on my computer suitable for my idea.

Needless to say this takes some time. And I am paranoid about losing my work so I am saving the database  in several places. BUt I am so excited because I am discovering or rather re-discovering all sorts of photos I had forgotten about and now I want to scrap them. Here are just two of them…one of them recent… one not so recent…

Wow I live here
Trowbridge 27 May 2006
enlarge image


three girls river rock
Up Armstrong Road 15 August 2005
enlarge image


Tonight, I am going to play with my family. We are having Butter Chicken (mild curry and coconut milk sauce with carrots baked right in), jasmine rice with a cooling cucumber and yogurt salad. Oh and a Cherry Lemon Cake for dessert from the cookbook THAT ROCKS…”Cake Mix Doctor.”

Butter chicken
enlarge image

Expect lots of graphics�to be completed over the weekend. And have you noticed all the extras Tony added to the sidebar for me? Haha, now you can even know what I am reading. :)

4 Responses to “House/ Computer Cleaning”

  1. Melinda

    I love the pictures that rotate on the sidebar. Earl and I were commenting how beautiful and happy you look. (Earl also mentioned that in a lot of them, you look like me!) :o )
    We love you and I’m looking forward to all the posts to come!

  2. Melinda

    I forgot to say that I am your favorite. (and for Hannah, I’m mommy’s 6th favorite)
    :o )

  3. Becky

    Is that actually the Butter Chicken and Jamine rice that YOU made in the picture? If so, that is really neat, and it looks delicious! Cooling cucumber and yogurt salad makes me want to fly up there right now! Did I just say that?!

    Also, you DO look like Melinda in some of those photos. That is really neat how Tony did that with the side show. Can’t wait to read today’s!

  4. Melinda

    I am using the trowbridge picture as my desktop at work and i have already gotten one compliment on it!

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