October 8, 2011
Thunder Bay, Ontario

It’s been a year since Beth died.   There remains a certain numbness.

I'd like to share a short video.  I produced this video... partly as a personal memorial... but more so, as a means of grief (for myself).   I found, over the passing months, I was spending a lot of time viewing and reviewing photos of Beth… interspersed with hours of playing guitar.  After a while, I decided to spend some of this time combining these two compulsions into something more creative.  I guess you would call it a song… albeit, an unsung song… or perhaps, more accurately... a poem... a poem which brings together guitar and photos.  

The pencil sketch was done by Beth. It was the inspiration for this video. I found the sketch on my computer when I was looking for additional photos of her.  I remember she told me she sketched this by freezing onscreen a frame of a video clip I had sent her. It was a clip of me playing a song I’d written for her and had sent to her at a time when we were separated by many miles.  So, this a bit of a full-circle thing... as her sketch has inspired me to write...

When teardrops fall,


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Here is the HD version (1920 x 1080).  It is best viewed full-screen.   Right-click on the video (while it is playing) and choose Zoom... Full Screen.

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Technical notes: If you're on a slow connection, you may want to let this buffer (hit pause and let most of it load) before tying to view it.  

Alternatively, download the above video by right-clicking here and choosing "Save Target As..."  or "Save Link As..."

If your browser or video player does not support wmv, let me know. I can easily provide the video in another format, or help you instal the needed plug-in.  

I do not want to post this on YouTube at this time.


For those of you on a netbook, or experiencing problems viewing the HD video above, here is a smaller version of the video (960 x 540).   Note: At full screen on a large monitor this version will not look as good as the one above.

If possible, view the HD version of this.